Dutt does Tough Mudder

Congratulations to team Dirty Dutts on completing Tough Mudder!

Great team building exercise.

From left to right: Nathan Allan (VIC Operations Manager), Hayley Orr (HR, Payroll & Accounts Payable), Brad Rudge (VIC State Manager), Michael Sheppard (NSW & QLD State Manager), Cat Davies (Finance Manager) and Joe Stephens (Business Development Manager).


The Hidden Costs


Are you aware of the hidden costs?

Often resulting when engaging a supplier that is purely based on price alone, this can have a detrimental impact on your brand reputation, supply chain performance and an increased cost. Hidden costs also appear in the form of fine print. Rates can be made to look small but once inclusions and exclusions become the sum of parts, what was once a cheap freight rate become a misunderstood expensive invoice.

In the initial stages when engaging a logistics provider, these hidden costs may not be presented however can have an excessive cost impact on your overall project cost.


1. Damages

It is inevitable that damages may occur when in transit; however, this can be reduced if you have secured a good logistics provider. It is important that you are confident in the service levels, education and knowledge of its staff and know that your freight will be handled with the utmost respect and care.

2. Loss of freight
Have you ever lost freight and had to lodge an enquiry? If this is you, you understand the frustration of becoming a number in a never-ending queue. Lost freight causes critical delays, frustration, disappointment, uncertainty and in some cases never found which will require replacement of goods. To have a personalised service where you can speak directly with the fleet controller who will be able to provide you information as to where your consignment is, should be standard practice. These hidden costs will jeopardise your project cost and profit.

3. Service failure
Service failures have a direct impact on your customer. By failing to deliver, this can result in severe customer frustration and disappointment. It is crucial that your carrier can deliver on the specifics of your project schedule and for the cost not to be compromised. As you know, word gets out quite quickly and can be quite detrimental at tarnishing a brands expectation.

4. Understanding minimums and surcharges
When selecting your logistics provider, it is essential that you have a strong understanding of the minimums when moving your freight around the country. Good carriers will be transparent with these costs and ensure that there are no variations to pricing that has been supplied.

Reading the fine print is a must. Within this section there are the hidden surcharges, eg. out of hours deliveries, tailgate fees, lift on, lift off & detention to name a few. If you have engaged a logistics provider with integrity, they will communicate the inclusions and exclusions in the early stages to ensure that these costs have been understood and inbuilt into your budget.

How to reduce unexpected costs in transport?
It is critical that when selecting your transport provider, you look closely at what services are being offered and then look even closer into the exclusions. If you have partnered with a quality carrier these costs will be communicated and ensure they are understood.

For more information contact Dutt on 1300 883 477 or alternatively email operations@dutttransport.com.au


We would like to welcome the following new staff to our growing operation team:
Andrew Toth – SA Operations
Nathan Horne – Project Manager Supervisor
Dean Scott – Project Manager


Dutt has been offered a contract with a major supermarket chain for consolidation of capital equipment for several store refurbishments in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. This trial has been based on staged deliveries utilising company line-haul and warehouses for staged deliveries resulting in fewer and fuller trucks.


Dutt has recently expanded and moved to a new depot in Adelaide, South Australia. This includes 1,153 square meters of warehouse space and 5,000 square meters of hardstand.


Dutt has been granted Fatigue Management accreditation for all of its interstate and intrastate drivers, along with our operational staff. This will now allow us to monitor hour operated and manage rest periods required under laws surrounding drivers’ operating hours. This will safeguard the wellbeing of our drivers and the obligations of our customers in line with the recently changed driving laws.


John Wong — 25+ Years
Senior Sales & Estimator, Melbourne

Leanne Czak — 17+ Years
Admin Manager, Melbourne



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